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"Search For The MIN MIN"


Search For The Min Min" is the third film in the critically acclaimed Australien Skies series. This time round, director Don Meers takes us on a paranormal road trip to the outback town of Boulia to investigate a piece of Australian folklore- The legendary Min Min Light of Australia. 

Released 2019





      "Contact Of Interest"


“Australien Skies2: Contact Of Interest” is the second film in the critically acclaimed "Australien Skies" UFO series from documentary filmmaker Don Meers.


In “Contact Of Interest” we accompany Don as he returns to Kiama in New South Wales to visit UFO contactee Liam Freaney, who appeared in the first Australien Skies film. With a collection of UFO footage, black helicopters and claims of government conspiracy, Liam’s appearance in the first film caused a great deal of excitement and controversy. However, as Don discovers, not all is well with Liam. In the time that has passed, his experiences have taken a decidedly darker turn.



Contact Of Interest asks the question “Is taking a video of a UFO the end of peoples experiences or could it be only the beginning into the far broader landscapes of this phenomenon"

Released 2018





"Things Are Looking Up"

Australien Skies is a documentary film that explores the sightings of unidentified flying objects and the people who witness them Within Australia.

 Follow filmmaker Don Meers (Ghosts Of Casula, The Spirit Level) as he spends four days on a fascinating UFO road trip with controversial   ufologist Damien Nott, a photographic contactee who claims to have the biggest collection of photos and videos of unidentified objects in the world


 With over fifty previously unreleased photo and video clips of this unusual phenomena, Australien Skies attempts to answer the question-


Is it possible for the average person to experience the UFO phenomena as well?


And if

Released 2015




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